Welcome to my music mansion here in cyberspace. I hope you allow a little time to meander through the various rooms and open some of the cupboards and peek inside. If you like what you see or hear then feel free to drop me a line and say hello. Make sure to take a listen to a few tracks with the player on the right.


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grant siedle: working man


Grant Siedle: Be Yourself

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I have been playing music ever since I was a naughty boy, and still am (naughty that is). I grew up in South Africa and eventually moved here in 1980 with my family. I have been back a few times but Melbourne is definitely home for me now. I love the live music scene, the weather changes, the strong artistic culture and the well-hidden venues both in and out of the city that feature some of the world’s finest musicians.

My earliest gigs were as a solo piano player and singer so in a way I have gone the other way around to many musicians. I started playing in bands later on and now love doing a bit of both. I have had the pleasure to work with many good musicians here in Melbourne and feel very lucky to have crossed paths with such wonderful talented people. Take a look at my links page to see some of the people I am talking about, as well as some of the people I have great admiration for.


I have recorded two albums so far. All songs were written and produced by myself but I was fortunate enough to have some wonderful musicians on the recordings and they do bring the songs to life. You can buy the albums here and read the reviews below. I anticipate having a new album out some time in 2013.

  • Working Man – 2004  (Review by Billy Pinnell)

    Blessed with a strong melodic voice and an up-front piano style that occasionally suggests Bruce Hornsby, Grant Siedle delivers an impressive debut with ‘Working Man’. While vocals and piano dominate each of the album’s eleven original songs Grant’s inventive arrangements featuring trumpet, cello, backing vocals and spatterings of keyboards, allow for interesting diversions on each of the jazz tinged mid-tempo tracks and intimate ballads.

  • Be Yourself – 2008  (Review by Billy Pinnell)

Singer/songwriter Grant Siedle takes a giant step forward with the release of his impressive second album.An accomplished pianist and singer, Siedle’s sophisticated arrangements featuring acoustic and electric guitars, flute, backing vocals and a versatile rhythm section add to the appeal of his original songs. When accompanying himself on acoustic piano there are unmistakable nods to Bruce Hornsby (‘Keep Burning’, ‘Feel The Force’) while on the melodic ‘One Way Road’, a string quartet adds just the right feel. ‘Your Soul’ with its spoken intro and funky feel highlights Siedle’s electric piano.

I am working on a new album right now…